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Revision Date 03.13.2024
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I took this test, see, and turned out to be an ENTP
Ignoring some of the more nefarious examples, I think I'm in good company and I admire the traits of many of my 'fellow ENTPs'

Ok, I've had it. Too many people have accused me of being a Liberal or Conservative or Democrat or Republican, and I don't "self-identify" as any of those 'categories.'

So, to help all y'all figure out what pigeon hole to stuff me in, I'm going to create a table of things I believe or support and things I oppose or reject. You figure it out.

If I'm accused online, I'll just reply with a link to this page. Knock yourselves out.

I Support/Believe
I Oppose/Reject:
Free-market Capitalism (if you don't like it, you don't understand it)
Socialism ("Democratic" or any other flavor) (if you like it, you don't understand it)
Government that Protects its citizens without controlling them
The idea that Government is the best source of solutions for everything
Gay Rights
Special rights for religious, ethnic or racial groups
Freedom of Speech
Personal Responsibility for one's actions
Blaming God or anyone else for your own bad choices
Second Amendment: Right To Bear Arms
Irrational Gun Control Laws (which means: all of them)
LED Lighting
Wasting Energy
Renewable Energy Sources
Taxpayer Subsidies for uneconomic Energy Sources
Critical Thinking
Reliance on the First "Solution" that's offered to any problem
Solving Problems
Praying for Solutions
Honest Reporting by media
Biased media outlets that claim to be unbiased
Theocracy, including Fundamentalist Islamic flavors
Personal attacks in order to "prove your point"
Disco Music and music from the 60's and 70's
Rap, Hip-Hop and "Music Lyrics" that espouse hate, anger or brutality
Provable, Testable Climate Data and Predictions
Warmites basing conclusions on Beliefs and Bad Science
Differences of opinion being discussed and compared
Cult-Think where "My Guy is Right and Your Guy is Satan's Own Spawn"
The Scientific Method
The Non-Scientific Method; e.g.,:  "The Science is Settled;" "The Discussion is Over"
My Prius and my wife's Prius V
Cars and motorcycles with loud mufflers
Good Spelling and Grammar
Lazy or Ignorant Bad Spelling and Grammar
Good Science
Junk Science

... and for those who misquote or misrepresent or mis-'label' me...

"I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." --- Alan Greenspan

I've learned a lot of Lessons, taken several "personal growth" courses, gotten sucked into several cults and found my way out again, and done about 13 years in a wide variety of kinds of personal psychotherapy. I've learned a lot for myself from these exercises and would like to share, as my eighth-grade English teacher, Robert Francis Shields, said more than once, "The Benefit of Your Infinite Wisdom."

Yeah, right... "infinite wisdom." Not exactly. But I have watched and participated in "the world" for over seventy years now, and as Yogi Berra put it, "You can observe a lot by just watching."

From observation and experience, I've also learned quite a bit. I've seen cycles in business, climate and fashion; I've wondered why everyone seems to think it's "different this time" just because it's new to them.

I decided to put some of my opinions, views, observations and conclusions out into the world where people can see them, so some might profit from what I write. By reading them, some people may get a new perspective on things and save themselves some searching or even avoid a few painful "life lessons."

So, this is the site. I've tried to organize it to make sense to the reader. And then I regrouped them, reorganized them, and remodeled the site. And then, did it again. Whatever it looks like today is "today's" version. Expect changes.

I hope you, as a reader and watcher and observer and thinker, may let some of the ideas into yourself, evaluate them against your own experiences, and potentially, profit from my experiences.

If you take nothing or gain nothing from my writings or disagree with my conclusions, so be it. You're free to disagree. I've provided my email address right on the home page so you can offer alternative conclusions or tell me how full of crap you think I am. [Or agree wholeheartedly] Participate. Enjoy. Rant. Be grateful you have the freedoms to do so. Many don't.

You may even help me to change my views on things, too.
Many of my beliefs are very strongly held, and I've tested most of them over a long time, so don't expect an easy sell if you disagree and care to share, argue or discuss.

Possibly... just possibly, some of your favorite decisions and conclusions may get tested in the process, too.

I'm here to answer your questions... and question your answers. ...Enjoy!