How to end the COVID-19 Threat
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I stumbled across those articles maybe a month ago and was amazed. Here were stories and videos published by doctors who'd risked their positions and sometimes jobs by going against "approved hospital protocols" to try to solve a mysterious problem. My 'engineering brain' was intrigued.

They had noticed that many patients suffering badly from the virus' effects didn't have trouble breathing, even though the virus seemed to attack the patients' lungs! They did notice that the same patients who who were breathing easily also had very low oxygen content in their blood.

How could that be? What would cause that unusual combination?!

It struck me that, while virtually everyone thinks of the COVID-19 as a flu, and most flu viruses attack the lungs, these patients' lungs were doing just fine, but something was preventing their lungs from oxygenating their blood.

Wait... what if the flu was actually attacking the circulatory system and not the pulmonary system?

Without oxygenated blood, many organs in the body would quickly fail, killing the patient. And that's what doctors were seeing: death within a week or so of infection, despite all the respirators being used to "help the patients breathe."

So these doctors, at risk of losing their jobs by 'breaking protocol,' tried a different approach. They pumped lots of pure oxygen into the patients. No respirators needed. That "shortage" would not be a problem at all.

My suspicion is that a small breathing mask, much like the ones I used to alleviate the sleep apnea I once had, would be all that was needed, except, rather than pump pressurized air into the mask, all it would need is a fitting to inject a sufficient amount of pure O2 into the air stream the patient was inhaling.

So, that's what they tried. Put more O2 into the patients until oxygen sensors showed increased levels of O2 in the patients' blood. While the patients had been having no trouble breathing, their O2 levels were much lower than normal and lower than healthy... somewhere in the 40% range, when 'normal' is something like 85% or more.

They kept increasing the flow of O2 until the O2 levels of the patients' blood rose to higher levels. They found that, after just a few days of that regimen, the virus seemed to be flushed from the circulatory systems of the patients and they appeared "cured." Read the linked articles for details.


So, here's the deal... Forget Fauci and Birx. Forget CNN and all the Governors forcing lockdowns and stay-at-home "solutions.

Trump, the FDA and hospitals everywhere should very quickly begin to run trials of this new procedure. They've got the O2 already implemented on-site, and the only problems would be CPAP or BiPAP masks, but they're small and simple, so 3-D printers would be able to knock them out by the millions in no time at all. No complex pumps or electronics or valves, etc., needed at all.

If it works, there's no need to quarantine anyone except the people who were/are already know to be at risk... people with compromised immune or circulatory systems, diabetics, etc.

Basically, any new surge in infections could be stopped in a matter of days anywhere and everywhere at a low cost and with what looks like a 100% survival rate.

Read the articles, contact your local hospitals, State and Federal Congress people and, of course, President Trump and you local and national TV and cable and newspapers when the results begin to appear.

If this works, we can "restart America" in one month, not in 18.

I hope I'm right. If I am, please help, and 'you're welcome.'

First Revision: 06.09.2020