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Relevant Links ...
Global Warming Alarmists
Refuse to Base Policy
On Actual Science

(.pdf file)
Carbon Mandate

(.pdf file)

Engineering Critique
of AGW "Science"

(.pdf file)
GW Facts
versus Faith

(.pdf file)
Wall St. Journal
on Global Warming

(.pdf file)
No Evidence
(.pdf file)
Scientific Method

(MSWord doc file)
An excellent critique of
Flawed Climate Models

(www link)

Debate is Over:
Says a Moron

(YouTube Video)
30,000 Scientists:
"Global Warming
Is A Hoax"

(YouTube Video)
Al Gore:
"I Was Wrong"

(YouTube Video)
Follow the
Climate Money

(.pdf file)

(MS Word file)
Do the Numbers on
Carbon Taxes

(www link)

Thank you,
John Stossel

(YouTube Video)
About CO2
(YouTube Video)
Dear Al Gore:
Take Your
Hockey Stick...

(www link)
This may be the answer
to My Big Question!

(www link)
Great data and analysis on
MMGW "Solutions"...

(www link)
More Data for Warmites:
to chew on...

(www link)

Interesting Reports
have surfaced...

(www link)
Ice Cap: Growth?!
And also
Even More:

(www link)
More of What
Scientists Have Said

(www link)
Climate Change:
What Do Scientists Say?

(YouTube Video)
The New Eco Tyranny: Another
We're So Screwed Scenario...

(www link)

Ten Thousand Years of Data...
MMGW Protest...
Every Day is Earth Day
for North Korea...