On Lessons: Bad Science
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Source: Spam email, 03.14.2009: Thanks, morons who don't know how a human body really works...

Just fyi, "Get rid of 8 to 10 undigested meals sitting in your colon" is total "bullshit" if you'll pardon the expression. You don't have any "undigested meals sitting in your colon" and you don't need to flush them out unless you're really seriously constipated, which is a different issue, altogether.

"Ultimate Flush Colon Cleanse!" and anything like it is a ripoff. Ask your doctor!

Source: YouTube, collected 03.28.2007: Thanks, Penn & Teller...

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine April 6, 2006.

Editorialist Dr. Daniel M. Musher, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, points out that there are two effects of vaccination -- both the personal protection the vaccine confers and also herd immunity. He notes that the current research nicely documented protection of adults who had not been vaccinated."

"I think the current recommendations for children are fine. The real question, for which the research first needs to be done, is whether adults might eventually benefit more from the pediatric vaccine than from the present adult vaccine, which has limited efficacy," Musher said.

Musher said he's also concerned that "some parents believe the profusion of nonsense that appears on the Internet suggesting that vaccines somehow harm children (websites with nonsense vastly outnumber the few rational, sensible, scientifically supported ones). Such parents state that they will 'delay' vaccinating their own kids, counting on herd effect. The herd effect is statistical. The risk of infection is lowered, but the individual child remains fully susceptible."

"The United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden and Germany have had major outbreaks of preventable infections such as pertussis and measles because of the prevalence of this kind of foolish attitude," Musher commented. "In the pertussis outbreaks, among children who were hospitalized there were ICU admissions, seizures and deaths."

"Physicians should simply ask such parents if they are willing to have it be on their consciences if their toddler went unvaccinated and, as a result, contracted pneumococcal meningitis with lasting neurologic sequelae. Some pediatricians simply refuse to allow such parents to remain in their practices," Musher declared.

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