California's 2003 Recall Election rev. 04.16.2009
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Congratulations, Arnold !

Cruz Bustamante: NO, please! Arnold: Please Listen!

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Who the new governor will be doesn't seem to matter much. Companies are leaving California in droves, mostly due to the difficulty of doing business there.

Other states are taking advantage of the situation. Arizona, Nevada and many others are openly extending a big welcome to California companies that just want to get out from under the maze of California laws and expenses.

The usual complaints of California companies are high taxes, elevated energy prices, high-priced real estate, and lots of government red tape.

In a recent survey conducted by the California Business Roundtable, 20% of the companies surveyed said they wanted out of the state. That is the highest figure ever recorded by that group.

David Biggs, chairman of the California Association for Local Economic Development, said he's heard most of this before. He says that people will stay in California because of the lifestyle, climate and creative work force.

I have heard all that before, too. It's called "California dreamin".

The fact is that companies are not waiting for the election to see if Arnold wins. No matter who wins, it will not make much of a difference.

I've been saying this for years, and nobody's been listening. Back to the religions of the Democrats, Populists, and the like.... no hope of communication.

Quoted from Michael Lombardi

California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante says that if elected (he's running against Arnold) he would seek to raise taxes by $8 billion. He would raise taxes on the state's wealthiest to 11 per cent, along with more taxes on alcohol, cigarettes and commercial property.

What are his chances? None. California is already facing a drain in businesses and population. People are leaving the once - Golden State for greener pastures. Any huge attack on business and the wealthy will accelerate this drain.

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