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"If we believe in 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,'
we will end up being a society of blind, toothless people."

- Gandhi

A wonderful explanation from Carlton Vogt, 01.01.2007, that hits the nail on the head for my arguments below.

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Thanks, Carlton! [my emphasis added...]

Justice doesn't come from simply killing the perpetrator. It comes from hearing the story and validating the suffering of the victims. I recently read one study showing that families of crime victims do not, in fact, find the ballyhooed "closure" that is supposed to come from the death of the offender. What people really want is for the world to know that they have suffered, what has happened to them, and how much they hurt. They want the offender, if not to answer for, at least to be confronted with his crimes.

What society should want is not merely to punish the offender, but to prevent whatever happened from happening again. If that isn't done, then the ritual killing just is bloodlust revenge.

An In-depth discussion, mirroring many of the things I've said here, can be found here on this Amnesty International page.

From my Letter to the NY Times Op-Ed Forum, 10.21.2003....... [edited and expanded a bit...]
re: kinder executions.

i am opposed to capital punishment [see].

until the day comes when people wake up to "the facts" of capital punishment, 
it will continue.

since it will continue, it appalls me that human beings have been trying for 
decades to figure out "the most humane way" to execute the condemned.

if the goal is death of the condemned, and the added consideration is lack 
of cruelty or inhumane suffering, the solution is so painfully simple [pun intended] 
that this must be a discussion of something else... some elephant in the room 
that nobody's willing to talk about [again, see]....

the humane solution is to use a narcotic like morphine, inject it into the 
bloodstream slowly until the victim loses consciousness, and then increase 
the dose rapidly until there is no remaining electrical activity in the victim's brain.   
while this may take five or ten minutes to accomplish, the could be no question 
as to its effectiveness and no question as to the "humanity" of the process.

have you ever seen a dog "put down" to end its life?  a blue liquid is injected into
a vein and within a minute or so, the dog stops breathing, the heart stops, and it's dead.

no electric shocks, no gas chambers, just going to sleep for the last time.  why can't we
be that "humane" to humans?

if you can find a hole in this argument, i'd really like to hear it!


More evidence of lies, stupidity and cruelty.

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