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Here's a proposal to put an end to all unwanted phone calls and at the same time, improve personal and national security.

All phone equipment capable of initiating a phone call, whether they be cell phones, automatic dialing machines, land-line hardwired phones, disposable cell phones or whatever, must be modified in such a way that the instrument initiating the call generates a unique code which is then sent along with any Caller ID information. Each type of instrument may be classified by a unique class-identifier in its code number.

All existing phone instruments must be assigned a code by the various telephone companies. This can be generated uniquely from the serial number and entered by the user of the instrument.

All phone users must be able to block codes of any class of users they choose. Phones systems may be modified to allow a call's recipient to record and then transmit back to their phone service supplier the Caller ID Code of the unwanted caller, which can then be blocked in the future unless later deleted by the recipient. Recipients can add identifier names or numbers to the blocked numbers as they're entered, for later identification by the recipient.

No callers' codes may be used by recipients to "call back" the original caller; the codes are only for recipients' call blocking use.

And, of course, all Caller ID Codes will be kept by all phone companies for possible anti-terrorism identification. That alone should put a major crimp into the workings of terrorist organizations.

Think about it. Then send this page's URL to your Senators and Congressional Representatives.

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