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Some general rules I drive by...

Here's what you're doing wrong and how you can make a change that will improve your own safety and the safety of others....

Next, how close is too close when you stop for a red light?

Just for the record, one guy pulled up close behind me when I was first in line at the light. I pulled up, to make safety room. He pulled up. I pulled up. He pulled up. The light changed to green. I didn't move. The light stayed green. I didn't move. The light turned yellow. I waited a second, and blasted through the intersection on the yellow, leaving him facing a red light.
He was too close to pull around me and pass me. You're welcome.

Yo, Speeders!

I've been driving since 1962 [not counting some not-so-legal practice with my dad for about ten years before that], including the years since mid-1978 in California. My first car was a 1969, 427 cubic inch. [seven liters!] 390hp Corvette; other cars were a '73 Mazda RX2 with a 7000 rpm redline, a '63 Fiat Spyder with twin overhead cams, a '77 Pontiac Tempest that cornered flatter than the '427 Corvette, and a 1969 '350 [5.7 liter] 350hp toy, and my current '04 Prius, which will cruise day and night, uphill or down, at over 83 mph.

I've never been issued a ticket in any of those cars for speeding.

The one ticket I've gotten in my life [so far... let's not laugh in the face of fate...] was for 50 in a 45 zone, when I was passing a woman who'd been weaving all over the road and doing all speeds from 25 to 50 mph for the previous mile and a half.
But I learned my lesson, there. The judge ain't gonna cut you no slack, even for a plausible argument. The safest place is behind a moron like that, not trying to pass her! Nowadays you'll be in a better position to dial up emergency rescue for them later on your cellphone.

[and the car I got that ticket in was a 6-cylinder 1967 Pontiac Tempest automatic....]

Anyway, back to the story... what's my secret? Easy:

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