It's the Fundamentalists, Stupid!    rev. 11.11.2011

Fundamentalist fanatics of all of these types, colors and flavors:

All Of You. You take some potentially good things, run 'em to the max and believe that your way is the only correct way to think, that everyone should follow your rules, and non-believers must be converted or eliminated at all costs.

And you, of course, are not guilty of it; it's the other side that hasn't seen the light, right?

Take a look at this, too ....

To Muslims aspiring to be martyrs [ie, homicide bombers,] here are some words from Albert Einstein...

"If people are good only because they fear punishment and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot, indeed."

And one more note to the martyrs, inspired by a You-Tube comedy sketch....

"What makes you think all of those virgins you're going to get in heaven are women?!"

First rev: 10.17.2007