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According to this New York Times Article, "North Korea Says It Now Possesses Nuclear Arsenal"

"WASHINGTON, April 24 North Korean officials told American diplomats at a meeting in Beijing today that they already possessed nuclear weapons and had begun making bomb-grade plutonium, officials of the Bush administration and several informed Asian nations said.

And more, from the New York Times, 08.31.2003

Dear Korea: "And your point is..... ?"

You can't possibly be serious. If you used such a weapon, five countries would turn your entire country into a nuclear wasteland in a matter of minutes. If you have the genital fortitude to stop dicking around with all of us, please do. We don't give a damn about invading your country, and never will. You're not on our list of targets, offensively or defensively. Unless you keep up this crap. Get over it. In a photograph of the night view of the earth's surface, your entire country is as dark as the Sahara Desert, a fine testimoy to the failure of your entire government and military policies to bring wealth to your people. Right in the same category as Fidel's Cuba. Failure. Give it up and move on. Nearly every other civilized country has. Your people will only support and thank you for it. The world is waiting for Castro's passing, so that his people will be able to prosper again, hopefully not under a regime as stupid and repressive as his has been. It's been scores of years of religiously following a failed belief.

Yeah, you, too, Korea. Cut the crap, and move on.

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