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[revised from previous $14.4-Million estimate, causing this page to be renamed from "Local 144"]

Michael Capellas Leaves HP, gets $16.1- Million handshake.

Judges May Reject Pay Plan for Capellas 
12/13/2003 6:17:00 PM
Capellas, who was chairman and CEO of Compaq Computer Corp.
until HP acquired it in May, walked away from HP with $14.5 million in
severance and a $1.6 million loan forgiven. --- CBS Marketwatch

At $100,000 per person, [salary plus benefits], that's the equivalent of 161 HP employees' salary, or, in other words, a potential future 161 engineers' layoff slips.

You want to form a union to prevent this kind of thing?

You're way wrong.....

This kind of crap will continue to happen until stockholders and Boards of Directors quit this kind of crap.

Unions can't and won't be able to make a shard of difference in this kind of morality-free-management in the United States and anywhere else in the world.

Demand that it stop, but vote your shares against the Boards, not for the unions.

Make note of where these people go, after they get their "handshake" money, and boycott those companies.

If you want to do something, join me and let's try to spread the word to people to wake them up about this.

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