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  • how come i can set the attributes for folders in Win XP Home and have the properties applied to all subfolders, but i can't do the same with Microsoft outlook?
    every folder and subfolder has to separately be set to "best fit" for column width, column arrangement, group or ungroup, sort by date up or down, etc., etc., etc. .......... Very sad.

  • why doesn't "ctrl-tab" switch between open files in word and excel, like it does [did?] in PowerPoint?
    it's a very easy way to copy/move stuff between files of the same type. do the teams ever talk to each other or compare notes, or does software feedback go to just one team at a time? no information sharing? i thought that's what ms was all about!

  • in ms outlook, if i create a new folder under personal folders and then create a new rule to handle an inbox message, why doesn't outlook pick up the new folder's name as the target to move it to?

  • when i create a new rule in ms outlook, why is the default to NOT select "Run this rule now on messages in the current folder."
    that seems about as counter-intuitive as anything can get!

  • often, but not always, when a Microsoft IE6 link opens a new window, closing that new window causes the previous window's instance of IE to stop responding. when i close the window, most of the time it not only kills that instance of IE but at least one other instance of IE.
    i hate intermittent software failures, and despite repeated reporting of the failure to MS, there don't seem to be any acknowledgments of the problem, and definitely no cures!

    I found a website where two out of two times when I opened a second window, closing it locked up the previous instance of IE6. Feel free to go there and test it for yourself. If your IE page that launched it doesn't lock up, let me know. If it locks up, please let me know even sooner! Thank you!
    The page is and viewing or sending a reply makes my IE freeze.

  • when i add a new "favorite" to my IE6 favorites list, it appears in the folder i specify. however, when i move it to the "root directory" of the favorites, IE drops it to the bottom and doesn't insert it where i drop it. IE favorites didn't used to work this way. now i have to scroll all the way to the bottom of Favorites and drag the entry up to where i want it. in addition, if i try to drag it more than one screen up, IE loses the link and doesn't move it at all. i have to drag it less than one screen up, then scroll the list, then drag and drop again. has nobody else seen this "feature" and complained about it?!
    yeah, and "software deteriorates with age, too, right?

    first edition: 11.26.2004