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Thanks, Dave [10.17.2006], in reply to a comment from me, "....so many entertainers today ... believe that their ideas are the only “correct” ones available and that everyone should subscribe and support them."

"Even beyond that their ideas are the only "correct" ones, what is it about them that I should believe makes them an expert on whatever topic is at hand? Like Streisand or Ronstadt or Carlin or Franken or Penn or Sarandon or etc., etc., etc. has a qualified expert opinion/position I should follow? What exactly are their qualifications such that I should give them any more credence/credibility than anyone else? Their sole unique characteristic is that they're celebrities and, as such, whenever they open their mouths -- or do anything else, for that matter -- there's usually a camera and/or microphone available.

Sorry, but that doesn't make them qualified to do anything other than state their own personal opinion. But, they feel that because they are celebrities, that gives them some special insight or understanding about everything that is somehow beyond the grasp of us mere mortals.

None of these people has lived in anything that resembles the "real world" in quite some time. If anything, that might make me more suspect of anything they might say. It doesn't mean they aren't free to have and voice their opinions, but it also doesn't mean I have to listen or give it any credence.

Amen, David! Remember when the guy famous for little more than playing a moron on "Cheers" climbed up the Golden Gate Bridge and hung a banner? In my not so humble opinion, he should have been arrested and made to pay back thousands of motorists for their lost time during their rush-hour commute that day... maybe at his wage scale per hour!

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