Ralph Nader's Public Citizen:
Where Their Heads are Really At !
    rev. 10.07.2006
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Ralph Nader, please phone your proctologist immediately.... They found your head !

Read this report as an example of what they're really up to.

Here's the bottom line:

It doesn't take much reading of that document to see the true nature and goals of Ralph Nader's Public Citizen.

They're looking for anything to turn people away from corporations, capitalism, and free markets.

There are several names for that philosophy, which include aspects of Socialism and Communism, but basically require that you give up your right to choose a less-expensive alternative in lieu of a more expensive alternative so that some minority can reap the benefits of higher wages or profits at the expense of the rest of the population.

It's ironic, for the philosophies which tout the "good of the many outweigh the good of the few" to turn it on its head that way, but that's really what they're up to.

Whether it's a family farmer kept in business despite inefficiencies, or subsidies to sugar beet growers in the USA when the world price is much lower, or paying farmers to grow corn so that it can be turned into ethanol so that gasoline prices are higher than they should be.... just so the farmers can make more money growing corn........ Well, it all fits together, and groups like these are lying through their teeth about their motives, and screwing you in the end with the results.

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