Messages to Spammers!
yeah, besides "Screw You All for wasting my time and bandwidth......"

Fun and games for December, 2013....

Just for shits and grins, I decided to research who the hell sent me some spam... will show you the many domains he's registered...

and this little gem, will tell you who and where he is. Such a username...

Send him a holiday card... or something.

To all spammers who offer lots of money for transfer..

Would you be interested in assisting me move USD8.6m
that has been abandoned in an account with my bank?
Please respond if interested for more details.
Thank you,
Liu Yan.
Here's my answer....
  1. Create a PayPal account in YOUR name with YOUR password.
  2. Transfer the money to my PayPal account at my email address [see below or home page.]
  3. I'll move the money from my PayPal account to my banking account.
  4. Done deal!

Thank you!

All such offers welcome. Actually, just a few hundred thousand dollars would be fine.
Send account name and password to my email address [see home page... Thanks, again!

Now, who in their right mind would reply to "SFG []" to get information on anything serious? Get a life, spammers.

You really think I'm going to reply to...

"Ne izdav ni zvuka, on vzmetnul priklad smercha vverh. Ty tak dumaesh? Nkot, s glubokoj pechaliu v izumrudnyh glazah, pokachal golovoj: Izvini, El. Ot kaznennogo ostalas lish gruda slabo dymiashchegosia pepla. A za podonka otvetish. Ili hotia by Ostavit klinok v tele na neskolko chasov. Prodolzhalo temnet. No obychno delo etim i Ogranichivalos. Da, navernoe, delo bylo v etom v Prisutstvii kakoj-to neopredelennoj ugrozy, kotoraia, kazalos, vitala vokrug, Slovno melkaia pyl, vsporhnuvshaia ot neostorozhnogo dvizheniia da tak i povisshaia v Vozduhe. Vy pravy, neohotno priznal ia, tozhe perehodia na vezhlivuiu formu Obrashcheniia. Zria ia novoe, neobkatannoe sedlo Vzial."

Yeah, right...

Oh, and by the way..........

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