Lessons: phone and email investment touts phone and email investment touts
If someone is phoning or emailing you to buy into any investment or stock, it's no good.

If it were, they'd be putting their money into it and not sharing the profit with you. Period.

This isn't rocket science, but apparently some people need to learn this or be reminded of it.
I lost lots of money over the past fifteen years in order to learn this lesson.

They're NOT out to help YOU.


They make their money by selling you the stock [commissions] and/or by getting you to buy the stock at inflated prices, then shorting the stock and making money, themselves, as the stock drops in price to its real [low] value. You pay the price for their profits. You are providing them their profits.

What to do?

  1. Hang up. Don't even listen to them. Delete the email. Don't waste the time replying. Label the sender as a spammer and create a rule in your email program to delete mail from them automatically.

    ---- or ----

  2. Ask them for the following deal:
    • They give you a gift of money to buy the stock, interest free. No strings, no interest, etc.
    • If the stock goes up as much as they say it will, you'll give them back the gift money and keep any profit above that.
    • If it doesn't, you owe them nothing. The debt is cancelled. It was a gift, not a loan anyway, right?
    • If it's such a good stock, they should immediately agree to this deal, right?
    • If they don't, why not?
    • Then hang up...

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