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08.28.2007... [Tom]:

I keep telling you guys, but ain't nobody listenin'

... Ballot reform is needed: put "None of the Above" on every ballot, for each position.

If "None of the Above" gets more votes than anyone running, the position is left not filled for the duration of that term.

Any function or job that position is required to do or perform ... doesn't happen. No governor for four years? No bills get signed into law unless the legislature can figure out a way to put it into effect without the gov's signature (direct ballot initiative would work here in Michigan, I forget the details of a "pocket veto" but that might be another possibility). No dog-catcher? Dogs run wild through the neighborhood.

(Did I mention that "None of the Above" could be subject to a recall election, same as any slimy pol?) No legislator for your district? Too bad -- you have no voice in the legislature. (Did I also mention -- if the legislature has 87 seats, it still takes 44 actual, real legislators present in the flesh to make a quorum, and the "None of the Above" are always absent...and it still takes 44 "aye" votes on a roll call to pass anything ...

"None of the Above" always votes "absent".)

Think of the money we'd save. Not only the pol's direct salary, but "None of the Above" doesn't need any staff, either, and certainly won't be going on any overseas junkets, or three-day "educational" conferences in Las Vegas or Orlando.

If a congressional district continues voting "None of the Above" for several terms, their "None of the Above" could wind up as one of the senior members of the legislature, controlling an important committee. Imagine if the House Ways and Means Committee never met because its chair was "None of the Above", who never calls any meetings.

08.28.2007... [David]:

I've been a big fan of "none of the above" too. Problem is that the only ones who can change the laws are the ones with the least interest in doing so because they stand to lose the most.

Unfortunately, we've been electing none of the above for years and that's essentially what we now have. A group in power whose primary interest is staying there. They don't represent the vast jority of citizens.

But the vast majority of citizens has better things to do with their time and are smart enough to realize that it's highly unlikely that any meaningful change will occur, so why waste their time.

More to come, I'm sure... Thanks, guys!

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