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Look, that battle is over. Get used to it.

Jobs in call centers and back office are going offshore from the USA and other countries. Many are going to India. Stop beating up on India for taking advantage of the opportunity, and start thinking of what to do next.

No, the Indians didn't make it possible. If anything, the Internet Revolution did. It made it possible, through an easy to use, friendly, fast Internet connection, to do things remotely which used to be done locally. It's a change of paradigm [please pardon me for resurrecting that term for the occasion.]

With a fast internet and telephony, a call center doesn't have to be in the Company Headquarters building any more. Nor does it have to be in the same city, state or country as the Home Office or Engineering department. It can be anywhere. It could be on the Moon, if the infrastructure would support it today. [Wait another few decades.....]

The Point Is This:

Every job can be done remotely is at risk of offshoring. Every job. The only jobs that are not at risk are those that must be done locally. Think about examples.....

Most are in service and construction businesses.

You can't do plumbing repair of a sink in Wichita from Bangalore.

You can't build a home in Redmond from Yugoslavia.

So, other than that, what does the USA have that can't be exported.


Here's my modest proposal for a future for America:

They don't have that in India. They don't have that in China.

It can't be exported.

People come with money and leave it here and go home with memories and photographs.

Sell Photographs.

Stop Whining.

Create the Next Big Thing and make sure it can't be exported.

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