Letter to Sen. Richard Burr: 1 - on Health Care Back to Letters

Well, you may not like it, but here's the real scoop from the trenches...

Like every other "total solution" bill, this one is doomed to long-term failure, as I'm sure you know.

Rather than do what any smart, profit-seeking, intelligent private business management team would do, ie, choose one or two ideas which are relatively easy to implement and adjust and are likely to have the most impact for the better, you all try to get the be-all/end-all out in one gulp, and the elephant can't be swallowed whole by anyone!

For months, people have asked for "simple things" like "eliminate pre-existing conditions limitations and see how it affects prices" and "if it's so good, it should apply to everyone in the country, including all of congress, the president, and all federal public servants."

If all y'all would try maybe five good ideas, and then mandate yearly reports on their success or lack of it, and build in changes that can tweak 'em, then every year or two, another few GOOD ideas can be rolled out, too.

So, instead, you try to pack everything into one omnibus bill, you cater to all special interests, rather than the REAL "common good" of the entire populace, and you end up looking like fools.


ps... We do know that the allegedly beneficial laws, goals and actions of congress really were the root cause of the financial implosion a year ago.

You'd do better to get your staff to monitor popular blogsites of both sides of the fence, rather than listen only to your favorite or most powerful lobbyists.

pps. Reid and Pelosi and especially Barney Frank are economic morons, and it's a shame more republicans in congress don't call them out on their stupid views. If you need proof, their stupid ideas and outright lies and cover-ups are well-documented in clips on YouTube!

ppps. And at the rate the whole congress is screwing us over, republicans should have a cake-walk in the next elections.
Now, if you'd only realize that the gay "agenda" is no more damaging than the "anti-gay agenda," we'd all be much better off, too.

First rev: 12.11.2009