Dear Donald Trump -- 03
May 01, 2020
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Well, I've been meaning to write something to you for a long time, and I apologize for not doing it sooner, but a lot of things in the US have gone to crap and I have the feeling that, if you're informed of some alternate perspectives, you might be in a position to make things go better.

First, I tried to warn you that your tariffs were a bad idea. The real cost of tariffs are borne only by the consumers of the goods whose taxes were raised. Corporations or Countries do not pay for those extra fees... only the end-user customers do. So, in essence your trade tariffs against China had two predictable effects: consumer costs increased and Chinese leaders got pissed off. Most likely result? They'd try to retaliate against you and/or the US.

You see, China wants to be The World Economic Leader, no matter what it takes to achieve that goal, even if it means the 'sacrifice' of thousands or millions of their own citizens. It's a top-down dictatorship, and don't forget that. Total power and control. Citizens are at or below the bottom of the totem pole.

So, it's extremely likely that the COVID-19 virus was part of a deliberate strategy to overtake the US, economically, and if they couldn't do it by outgrowing us, the alternative would be to lower our economic output, and that's sure as hell what's happened.

Next, such an attack could easily be another aspect of their strategy... Presidents tend to not get re-elected in bad economic times. The dream of Xi and his ilk would be to get rid of you and replace you with someone more easily manipulated to do their bidding... like Obama, Bernie, Hillary or even Biden... leftist/socialists whose economics would fit well with those of a communist dictatorship.

So, as far as I can imagine, the highest risk to your re-election would be a lousy 're-start' for the US Economy. Slow, shallow, with continued unemployment. Everything that could be blamed on you, to your detriment in November.

Now we come to handling the 'restart.' As you can see by the protests around most of the country, people really do want to get back to work before their businesses and employers go bankrupt and so that they can get their payroll checks going again so they can pay their mortgages, car payments and food bills. How to make that happen is a bit of a dilemma.

Mass testing doesn't mean shit. I could test Negative today, have someone sneeze on me tomorrow and be infected within a few days later. What then? Retest me every few days? Nope... won't work, won't prove anything and will waste tons of scarce testing supplies.

Next best thing (or least next worst) is to have a treatment that is readily available to anyone who's tested positive or exhibited symptoms or has become ill from the virus. Preventing suffering and reversing the course of the infection is a wonderful next step, so I strongly suggest you do everything you can to get any and all such medicines and combinations available all over the country as quickly as possible. Don't let the FDA slow the process with bureaucratic red tape or 'excessive need for testing.' This kind of emergency demands new policies and processes. Be The Guy who Makes That Happen!

Once that's started, even before it's fully implemented, Open Up The Country. States can go along with it or balk, and the States have always been the 'experimental laboratories' for new policies, so let them do it! Encourage them to get people back to work as quickly as possible. The main risk: the boomerang or bounce-back of another wave of infections from increased contact and transmission.

But the previous step is a bit of insurance against that. Make sure that all states are ready to handle such a secondary surge using masks and the drugs we know will help. Make sure FEMA is primed and ready to go and help any areas that spike again. No delays or excuses. National Guard or Army and Air Force ready to transport, deliver and get everything needed to everyone who needs it.

The best and ultimate 'solution' is, of course, a vaccine that can prevent people from being infected by the virus in the first place. That, obviously, will take the longest to invent, develop, test and deliver, but if you wait on action in that direction, you'll be sitting somewhere other than in the White House some time next year. Again, work with industries, pharma and researchers to speed that development and testing and don't let the FDA or CDC be a roadblock. They've done more to impede progress than help it for months, now.

That's it for now, and I hope this message can get to you and you can read and understand it and move quickly on the suggestions. Thanks for listening.