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Worthwhile Organizations...

  • FINCA       
    FINCA is a global, nonprofit financial institution serving 1.7 million lowest-income clients in 22 countries,
    providing products and services aimed at creating employment, raising family incomes and reducing poverty.

    Friends, Relatives, "Others"...

  • Wronged At Work, Law practice of David Graulich

  • Apparently So, by the late David Price (The One In Palo Alto ["TOIPA"] )

  • Art by N.J. Lee      

  • Campbell's Book Soup      

  • World-Class pottery by Lee Middleman:


    Hewlett-Packard-Related Links


    Missing Kids Cybertip site:


    Political Action:
    • FedUpUSA: Your source for breaking news regarding the global financial crisis. (Although, I can't tell if this site is ultra-liberal or ultra-conservative. It looks pretty 'ultra' in any case...)

    • The National Taxpayers Union: America's independent, non-partisan advocate for overburdened taxpayers.