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updated 01.23.2015
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Today, the car is ours!

Welcome to the Prius V!

Salesman Jae, first week on the sales floor, is happy to hand over the keys...
... and a phone-book-sized Instruction Manual... for the Navigation System... :)



Well, Tuesday I took Claudia's Camry in for its yearly checkup so we could renew the DMV registration.

Before catching the dealer's shuttle home, I browsed the new models and a salesman came over and introduced himself. He offered me a test drive in one of the dealer's newest cars. It was fun to drive and similar to something I've been trying to talk Claudia into for the past few years to replace her aging Camry.

The (new and very nice) salesman let me get behind the wheel and directed me to a route that was about two miles from our house.

I asked him if I could just drive the car the rest of the way to my house and show it to Claudia. He agreed. Next stop: our driveway. Claudia thought it was cute. She got in and we drove back to the dealership to see if the repairs were done yet.

They weren't. The Camry had failed the DMV testing. Multiple unknown sources of leaks under the engine and part of the steering mechanism. Potential cost of repairs = about four times the trade-in value of the car.

Oh, well, "Life is full of little surprises..."

A new discussion ensued. We decided to replace the Camry with a model similar to the one we'd driven and the dealership started looking for the combination of options and colors. They found one and we agreed to the purchase and went back yesterday, Wednesday, to sign what seemed like nearly as many papers as we signed to buy our house when we moved here!

The car should arrive and be prepped in a day or two. More info and pix, soon.


And I've been getting more woodworking time, too!