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    • New to my wish list... Small Laser Engraver Kit

    • A great tool... the Beall Tiltbox ... to replace another brand I've tried (that eats batteries and just isn't as good...) Thanks!

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      • (Note: Also may be used by anyone in any foreign countries who emails me with an offer of lots of money...
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      Any and All gifts or money from sales of my woodcraft items will pay for items to reduce energy consumption of our home.
      How green is that?!:

      Nearly all incandescent lamps in the house have been replaced by LED bulbs. For similar light output (lumens), a 100 W incandescent can be replaced by a 12-15 W CFL, and those can be replaced by a 6 W LED. The remaining Incandescents are in the refrigerator and one CFL remains in my workshop... in my drill press.

      I gave away a box of incandescent and CFL bulbs on Craig's List in October, 2014. The lucky recipient has also been gifted with a few LED bulbs by her dad. The CFLs will help her cut her electric bill until they can afford more LEDs.

      I designed and installed an LED under-cabinet lighting system for one of our kitchen counters which is comparable to about 100 W of light output, yet consumes only about 6 watts at 12 VDC.

      Installed an LED strip-light under one of the kitchen cabinets.

      A dual reading-lamp LED system slides along the headboard in the master bedroom and provides two independent reading lights, each consuming just a few watts. Even the 100-w end-table bulbs were downsized to CFLs and those CFLs were replaced by 100-w-equivalent LED bulbs.

      We have installed a 20-panel Photovoltaic collector system and added additional attic insulation to reduce undesirable heat gain and loss during the seasons.
      As of (11.10.2014,) the PV system has delivered over 14.4 megawatt-hours of energy for our home (and back into the electric grid, through a bi-directional power meter.)

      Addition of two more low-flow toilets in February, 2016. All three toilets are now "low-flow"

      A dimly-lit hall pantry off the kitchen now has bright illumination from about 15' of LED strip lighting, controlled by switches that apply power to the LEDs when either pantry door is opened. A small 12v power supply in the crawl space powers it and will eventually power the LEDs illuminating the deck's stairs with either a daylight sensor or IR "people sensor" for each set of stairs.

      The porch lamps were replaced by screw-in LED lamps and later replaced by 8' lengths of LED lighting strips pointed at the ceiling for indirect lighting.

      Photocell controls were added to turn the porch lamps on after sunset and off at sunrise.

      An additional LED string of Orange lamps was added to the porch illumination for Hallowe'en.

      Projects like these are planned....

      • Add another string of LED for porch lighting with multiple-colors for other holidays. Red/Green/Blue planned for Christmas/Chanukah 2016.
      • Continued replacement of the last incandescent lamps and CFL bulbs with LED lamps. (The primary bulb in our refrigerator has been replaced and is great!! LEDs love cool environments!
      • Gray-water recycling equipment to supply water to toilets from sink and shower outflow.

      Thanks for your support!

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