Project Aquarius, "The Water-Bearer    rev 01.05.2009

You read it here first.. unless you're one of two or three people I've emailed this idea to prior to the "first revision date," below.

What the United States (and many other countries in the world) need to embark on right now is another project like the Apollo Project to put a man on the Moon, except bigger, more expensive, and more valuable on a day-to-day basis than anything since maybe the Roman Aqueducts.

Problem description:

This is my personal manifesto to everyone in the USA and other countries of the world:

What Needs To Be Done:

That's what I believe we need; that's what I believe should be considered for immediate development and implementation. Please contact your elected leaders on local, state and national levels to consider this suggestion. We will all benefit from it at some time or another, if it is in place. Consider the alternatives.... floods, droughts, property damage...

First rev: 06.30.2007;