Business Process Failures
Business Process Failures    rev. 12.26.2009 Back to Lessons

Letter to Sears' Credit Card folks, 07.29.2006:

I've gotten about five "reminders" that my payment is due, including several that mentioned that my balance is zero.

It IS possible, thanks to some software programming elements invented twenty-some years ago, called the "IF-THEN" statements, to suppress sending me these messages if my balance IS zero and I ALREADY have paid it.

This hasn't been rocket science since about 1980.

If you would please hire some programmers capable of addressing this, I, and I'm sure many other customers, would be very happy.

When you're done with that, maybe you could join the thousands of other 21st-Century companies where I can very easily pay my balance in full straight from my checking account at my bank, just as my electric bill, gas bill, phone bill and many others have been paid for years and automatically and in full!

If you can't, you all should resign your jobs out of sheer embarrassment.


First rev: 07.29.2006