Dear Donald Trump -- 02
January 06, 2018
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Sorry it's been so long, but a lot of thoughts and events have gone by in the months since my last "Letter To You." I apologize.

So much has happened in the past year! And so much of it has not been good. A recent slam piece on NPR said that you were/are characterized as someone who does not listen, hear or read, and while that may "work for you," in the long run, that style will ruin you. Even if it's not true, the image or allegation is damaging.

Standing up to the UN, North Korea, the IPCC and mid east "leaders" has been met with lots of acceptance by your base, as well as the usual crap from liberals and democrats. No surprise.

But there have been many things that have, in my opinion, not been good policies or directions for you or your administration.

As I've often said, I've always been leery of Conservatives because they tend too often to be like Mike Pence: getting their marching orders from their priests, pastors and bible. While that's fine for Evangelicals, you've got to be a fool to ignore the secular trend across the United States. Most of the major population centers (the big cities) are liberal, secular and don't want The Bible to be The Touchstone for themselves or the US Government, yet people like Pence make it obvious that their bibles are The Authority They Look To and anyone who disagrees is "Satan's Own Spawn."

I've come to the conclusion that Anyone who holds that kind of dichotomy of belief (My Side is Right and Yours Automatically Isn't) has all the earmarks of a Cult Member's Belief System, whether it's a Jim Jones, Heaven's Gate, Global Warming, Communist, Green, Liberal, Conservative or any other such polarized and polarizing group!

The US is NOT "a Christian Country." Not now or ever before. While Evangelicals and religious loons claim it is, most of the Founding Fathers were Deists... They believed in a Supreme Being, but it wasn't Your God or Jesus or Mohammed or Yahweh or anyone else. Period. To make such a claim is to flout the Commandments about Pride, Hubris and the like. Give it up and Let It Go. There Is No Proof That Any God Exists! No matter what Pence or your pastor or priest says. No Proof. And atheists or secularists do NOT "have to prove that your God does NOT exist." That's 'logic' that wouldn't fly in a grade school debate. Proving a Negative is futile. The proof of Existence is key. If you can't prove something Exists, nobody need try to prove it doesn't. Because it doesn't.

Next is Economics, or the lack of it in your opinions and beliefs.