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"Magic Eye" EM87 Tube

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Updated 09.21.2012

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One EM87 Fluorescent Indicator Tube ... $10

One collector's-item electronic indicator tube. This looks like the same kind that I used in the first TV I ever watched... a 12" black-and-white DuMont model, back in the early 1950s!

These tubes are still used as indicators in some of today's high-end receivers...
[Google "em87" with this link !]

Not tested, but the "getter" inside is still shiny, indicating that it doesn't have any cracks that would have admitted oxygen into the envelope.

Includes a socket with attached wires for the standard 9-pin wire connections.

Other labels on it are: Silvertone, 1022-446, and "Made in Austri" so this is probably not a recent Russian knock off.

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