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Ethey Davis: Eulogy, September 12, 2007

I'm honored to speak to you of Ethey Davis. Ethey was my dear friend. I first met her almost 15 years ago when my wife Bonni and I purchased the house that was owned by Ethey's life partner, Ginni. Ginni and Ethey lived there together, and after meeting them through the process of buying the house, the four of us became good friends. I'm so lucky that I got to know this extraordinary woman, Ethey Davis.

What I most remember about Ethey was her deep, probing intelligence; her intense sensitivity and compassion; and her love of nature and animals.

Ethey was deeply thoughtful. Any conversation with her was an opportunity to penetrate beneath the surface, to explore and understand the patterns and structures invisible to the naked eye but available to the mind that was willing to probe and explore. She had a beautiful mind. She was unafraid of encountering things she did not know or understand.

Ethey was successful in two different professions. She had a graduate degree in Library Science. She delighted in helping someone research into a difficult subject. She had a love of knowledge, but even more important, she had a love of knowing. To be with Ethey was to be with someone who was always asking questions, always learning more, always going deeper and deeper into a subject.

She brought her love of knowing to her Jewish living. She was endlessly curious about Jewish history and practice. With her friends, she was a dedicated student of Bible and Hebrew.

But the most outstanding aspect of her intelligence was the way it was coupled to intense sensitivity and compassion. Ethey was restrained and dignified, not a flaunter of emotions. But she was one of the most caring and sensitive people I have ever met. My father passed away last year after an extended illness. Ethey was one of the people who always remembered me during a difficult few years. She always reached out in a gentle, non-intrusive way. She was always available for a conversation, or just a long hug. Ethey was a good and caring friend.

Earlier this year we both participated in a group session where people discussed their experiences of God. I will never forget Ethey describing her earliest religious experiences. Her words were beautiful, personal and poetic. She had no trouble using her bright intelligence to illuminate her experiences with religion, music and art.

Ethey's other professional career was as a psychotherapist. She was fiercely devoted to her patients. She brought to this work so many of her wonderful gifts. She was a superb listener. She was caring and compassionate. She was deeply intelligent and unafraid of the truth.

At this time of remembrance, many of my thoughts are about Ethey's outstanding virtues. But I also want to tell you about her love of beautiful places and animals.

Ethey is the only person I know who dreamed about visiting Antarctica and actually went there! It was always wonderful to hear her talk about her adventure travels with Ginni, to exotic and interesting places all over the world. She loved being outside in our region. She loved to bird, or just stroll, always appreciating the beauty of the landscape and the wonders of the plant and animal life that surround us. She dearly loved her dog Danny.

And she loved her friends. Above all she loved her family. Kari, and Chin, and of course, the absolute love of her life, her Ginni.

Most of us are silent today, but all of us are speaking. Our hearts are crying out with sadness and loss. So many of us will miss this lovely, beautiful, extraordinary woman.

Ginni, Kari and Chin, we pledge our love and support to you. We will do everything we can to share your burden and take care of you. We are all so fortunate to have known and loved Ethey. May her memory be a blessing.

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