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Carly Fiorina to announce run for U.S. Senate


Carly Fiorina to announce run for U.S. Senate November 4, 2009 | 8:06 am

Former Hewlett-Packard Chief Executive Carly Fiorina will formally announce her run for the U.S. Senate this morning at a news conference in Garden Grove.

Note! The following text in Bold/Red do not reflect historical reality at Hewlett-Packard and elsewhere!

"Throughout my career I've brought people together, and I've solved problems," Fiorina said in a statement. "And that is what is needed in our government today. People who are willing to set aside ego and partisanship and instead work to develop solutions to our problems. . As California's senator, economic recovery and fiscal accountability will be my priorities."

Fiorina will face off against Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (R-Irvine) for the Republican nomination. The GOP candidate would compete against incumbent Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer, who is seeking a fourth term.

"I look forward to engaging Carly Fiorina on the issues Californians care about: out-of-control federal debt, soaring government spending on bailouts and stimulus, a pending government takeover of healthcare, and Barbara Boxer's huge energy-tax increase disguised as cap-and-trade," DeVore said in a statement.

First rev: 11.04.2009