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re: Carly Fiorina to announce run for U.S. Senate

from D., 11.05.2009

I wish I would have put together a lottery speculating on her political desires when I met her in 1999. The moment I met her (actually in the ladies room in the lab...she did stand out in her Armani suit) I knew that HP was nothing more than a way for her to stockpile money to turbo charge her political career.

It is not hard to figure these folks out: no content, unfailing desire to control and viola, a politician! They usually wreak havoc wherever they she will fit right in.

I heard Carly on the news this am saying "Well, after chemotherapy, Barbara Boxer won't be much of a challenge". Gotta love the focus on what matters...IT'S ALL ABOUT CARLY!

This is so predictable we could write programs...I am eagerly awaiting something new!

from C., 11.05.2009

When I looked at the online reader comments on articles about Carly in a couple of papers last week, I was surprised to find that people are confusing her with Whitman. Applies to both pro-Carly and anti-Carly comments.

A goodly number of people think that Carly is running for Governor!

To some extent, she is messing up Whitman's campaign.

As a Democrat, I hope Carly gets the nomination -- because she is so politically inept and is hated by so many.

As a citizen, I wish that the Republican candidate would be an honest, skillful, experienced politician who could raise a healthy debate on the many issues that need to be aired.

First rev: 11.05.2009