My 2004 Prius
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We bought it on 04.10.2004......

Fremont Toyota had
just what I wanted!
Claudia said,
"Buy it!"
Alladin adds the temporary
registration sticker
Yes, that's his name...
and it was magic!
All signed off
and ready to roll


Leather Seats... 1
Leather Seats... 2
Leather Seats... 3
Leather Seats... 4
Neat and clean enough
under the hood?


December, 2004; we've owned the car for 8 months... It must be time to start the custom mods....

What's next?

Snippets from Car and Driver Magazine....
Some bonehead comments in the Letters to the Editor section, followed by some pictures and editorials which followed a bit later in the magazine..... LOL!
Letters to Ed. 1
Letters to Ed. 2
Patrick Bedard's Column
Prius Race Car!