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11.27.2008:... Helios Project

Start with this concept I created in 2007

Then check Forbes Magazine, November 24, 2008: "An Interstate Highway System for Energy."

You're looking for an infrastructure project or two? Well, combine those two links and go for it.

Put solar cells on everyone's home. Build a nationwide network to move electricity from all of the sunny spots to all of the rainy spots, every day of the year.

Want to help Mexico? They've got lots of unused sunny land. Lease the land from them, put up solar power farms and give them some of the electricity as Payment In Kind. Ship the rest north to us.

But to make it happen, the entire US electrical grid must be interconnected and fail-safe. All sections must be able to communicate with each other in real time to share power, prevent brownouts and blackouts and adjust supplies to loads, day and night. Solar during the day, nuclear at night and wind whenever it's blowing.

It's a big concept, but a previous President had a similarly "big idea" once... for putting a human being's foot on the moon, along with the rest of his body, too. Took a while. Got done.

Are you up to it? Got any ex-Congressional compatriots with the intestinal fortitude to do something like that? Better than the DOE has done for the past three or more decades of non-delivery of results?

Can you or your new Secretary of State get the UN involved in the international aspects of my Helios Project suggestion? Lots of sunny land in northern Africa... and lots of people for whom selling electric power might be a nice source of revenue and improved standard of living...

Want to be written up in history, unlike your predecessor?

Think about it.