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12.03.2008:... Sunsetting Laws and Golden Parachutes

Inspired by the comments you made November 25th in Chicago, I'd like to add a few of my own...

Sunsetting stupid, outdated, anachronistic laws is a wonderful idea, and one which has been jawboned around for decades with virtually no tangible results.

If you want to see laws taken off the books, publicize their demise and congratulate the people who helped kill 'em. Mention at least one or two "bell-ringer" laws in each of your press conferences, with a shout-out "thanks" to one or two people who helped make it happen. Not to every congresscritter who managed to lift a leg and put their mark on it, but one or two who really did the work. If there are enough of them helping, each will get their ten seconds of fame in your presentation for helping us all out. And the rest may actually cooperate. Remember, they're in it for the ego trip [sorry, kind of obvious, eh?] Where's the ego-boost for someone who nukes a stupid law? Ain't none. Make one.


Similarly, in the "bailout-and-loan business" you're now in, it's been well-proven recently that the US public has a pretty cynical view of Congress, let alone the current Prez, and virtually every "big business leader" and Congressional "leader" who's helped get us all into this financial mess.

Here's a suggestion: as some CEOs have done, don't you think it would "send a message to the people" if ALL CxO's of major companies who are in trouble today were to reset their salaries to Zero Dollars AND pledge to forfeit any and all parachutes, golden or otherwise, for say, the next five or ten years? Any CxO leaving "office" in the next year shouldn't get any kind of reward for having screwed up. If their company hasn't grown or their market share risen during a given period, their "farewell check" should never be higher than, say, one year's net pay for the avarage salaried person at their company. Or, of course, they can choose the golden parachute big check, but only if it's donated to the Treasury upon receipt.

That might help morale in the country a lot, and I've always believed that most recessions end when public sentiment rises instead of falls.


And please watch your language or speechwriters more carefully.
In your 11.28.08 speech, you referred to "I and all Americans." The correct construction is, "I and all other Americans, or simply, "All Americans..."

The difference is big, and you don't need anyone else [but me] picking your words apart, thanks! It's worth taking care.