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12.22.2008:... Follow the Money?... Your Congress and mine and the Bailout Money ...

I got this link from a post on Current.com: http://americannewsproject.com/videos/186.

You should have your staff review this video immediately.

It describes the "either "incompetency or venality of Congress" in seemingly "forgetting" to put any "tell us what you did with the money" controls onto any of the Bailout funds!

I'm virtually speechless.

To whom do I complain? To whom should I address this issue? My Congressional representatives?

Isn't that like asking the thief "why did you break into my house and rob me?"?

This kind of crap reinforces the abysmal ratings "we the people" have given to our "representatives" in Congress.

If there's anything you can do to help, please give it some thought.

I'd suggest that you make it one of your highest priorities after you're sworn in to go before a joint meeting of Congress and simply tell them that it is unacceptable to omit the controls described in the video and that they've basically got one day to put them back in and maybe one or two weeks at the most, to report back to the entire nation with accurate data.

Nothing less would seem to be reasonable or acceptable.

Then, you might suggest that they consider it to be a "good idea" to not forget this lesson next time they give some billions of their constituents' dollars away without any monitoring or feedback.

If that doesn't work, how about a Constitutional Amendment making it illegal for anyone in Congress to be that stupid and still be allowed to serve.

Looking forward to your "reply".........