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09.09.2009: Your "Education Speech" the other day...

As a friend of mine put it today, "you've missed one of the key messages here."

He was referring to a discussion among the folks on our email list. I'm referring to you.

Yes, the whole flap about your speech demonstrated several things.

First, it demonstrated the Internet that you used very effectively in your election campaign, could also be used by you or against you as a "weapon of immediate feedback" which you could ignore or use. It looks like you used it, as the "reports" that you changed the tone and content of your speech seem to imply.

Second, the flap scared the crap out of me. It should have scared the crap out of you, too. Here's why:

Distilled down to it's essence, the objections to your speech, it's "possible content" and the "keep my kids at home" or "decide whether to let them hear you" were the scariest events of my life.

For the first time in my life of over sixty years, the citizens of the United States, even if it was a small "lunatic fringe," took it upon themselves to censor the speech of the President of their country.

That's the environment you've inherited from the morons who've held your office before you. A degree of mass-polarization I've never seen before; one in which there is no middle... just the extremes, as promoted and amplified by today's mainstream media.

If I were President of any country, that would scare the crap out of me. The United States... the strongest bastion of Free Speech in the world... censoring it's President's speech.

Not discussing it or tearing it apart after it's delivered... tearing it apart and threatening to shield children from hearing it, before it's presented. Refusing to let children hear it before they've vetted it's content!

How different is that from the morons who think they're converting people to "their side" by disrupting Town Hall meetings with noise and "boo's" to drown out speakers? As someone once said, "you have not converted a man by silencing him."

You've been censored. Doesn't that give you pause? Think about it.

Thanks for listening.