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06.17.2010: You Lie!... or, "C'mon now... you really think we're all that stupid?"

Dangerous to our health

PRESIDENT BARACK Obama was adamant: His health care overhaul would not put Americans on the road to British-style, government-run medicine. Speaking to the American Medical Association last June, the president dismissed as "scare tactics and fear-mongering" all talk of "socialized medicine and government takeovers; long lines and rationed care; decisions made by bureaucrats and not doctors." A few weeks later he reiterated the message: "I don't believe that government can or should run health care."

But if Obama is as opposed to a government-ruled health sector as he claims, why has he nominated Dr. Donald Berwick as director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services far and away the nation's largest health-insurance programs, at a cost of nearly $1 trillion a man who openly adores Britain's socialized health care?

I am romantic about the National Health Service, Berwick told a British audience in 2008. "I love it." He not only loves the National Health Service, he extols it as "an example for the whole world -- an example . . . that the United States needs now."

Here's the deal... virtually everything you've done since Day 1 has driven the US in the direction of more government power and decision-making over its citizen's daily lives, all the time under the flag of "helping." Well, that's a lie... It's not "helping," it's really shoving socialist policies and practices down the throats of stupid, innocent people by helping them believe that everything we need can be provided best by the government. FDR was one of the loons who started that ball rolling, and you're just giving it more top spin as it rolls.

Your Oval Office Speech: "There's a pipe spewing a gazillion gobs of oil into the gulf, so let's build more windmills..."

Ok, so here's the deal on that one... The US Government does NOT have the resources or skills to fix the problem. The top companies in the Oil Business do. Anything else is a lie or a manipulation. When other countries offered skimmer ships, the US denied their entry unless their crews met US unions' rules on staffing by US union members; when other parts of potential solutions like the absorbent booms were offered to us, other "union rules" and bureaucratic red tape strangled the delivery of the aid.

Watch a few videos from Fox News to see how even liberal "supporters" have bailed on you.

As "Commander In Chief" it should have been your job and your action to cut through that regulatory and union-rules bullshit and "Get 'Er Done!" ... and you failed. Tell us why? Afraid to piss off or alienate your union supporters? Admitting that might be a good start. But you blew it, right then and there. No, you continued to imply that the US Government was the right party [oops, wrong word there, eh?] to implement any and all necessary solutions.

Well, bull crap! Politicians and Lawyers [oops, is that redundant?] know only how to legislate rules and regulations to "get things done," while real people know that engineering expertise and sometimes inventions are where solutions to problems like these come from.

Finally, you continued to perpetuate the myth that "enough money and enough people" make anything possible in any amount of time. That stupid idea is as old as the joke about getting nine women pregnant in order to have one baby in one month. But lawyers, politicians and folks who've been bought off by special interests don't even get that joke, do they?