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10.03.2010: The best Congress money can buy ...

emails from friends... for your consideration and shame....

You know it continues to boggle my mind. The constitution requires only ONE task of the Congress: pass a budget annually. Yep ONE task!!

Can they manage that ONE task? Heck NO!

Plenty of time to flap their gums, make Draconian operating rules and engage lobbyists but do their job well? Apparently there is no time.

So here we are again with a new fiscal year beginning October 1 and Congress is in recess to campaign! We should toss them all out for complete failure to do the ONE task in their job description.

The Federal government sans budget is a nightmare. You can only imagine the financial games played by anyone and everyone while they speculate what appropriations MAY be passed sometime in the future. Last year Congress did not pass the New budget until almost March. It causes incredible insanity.

I suggest we hold this Congress accountable for doing their job.

This is unacceptable. Did you know there has not been an intelligence authorization bill for FIVE years. Good grief!

Hasn't been an authorization bill for the Federal Aviation Administration for about the same length of time. The nation's aviation safety and airspace have been in a holding pattern for five years. Epic FAIL.

Yep...Congress "made up" the authorization and appropriations drama... nothing about it in the constitution.

By not passing the authorization bills Congress is defaulting on their job to define how monies should be spent.

They then move forward with the appropriations and it is "kid in the candy store" for those organizations without authorizations.

The statutes which govern the agencies and organizations are written so you can drive a freight train through them... so let the dollars be spent as senior bureaucrats feel necessary?

VERY scary indeed... For example there are 1,500 useless folks at the Director of National Intelligence...and when I say useless I am not exaggerating! They have accomplished absolutely NOTHING since 2004 except to make their Booz Allen partners rich. So let's say that the average loaded cost for these useless folks is $300K (which is pretty lean in DC) so that means we are paying $45 million dollars for NOTHING!

I'm thinking there may be better uses for that kind of money? Oh...say education, health...anything but making Booz Allen partners rich. I just shake my head...this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Is there any hope that we can simply lock the door on the Capital and send them home? I think a year with NO legislature might prove very beneficial.

First rev: 10.03.2010