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09.20.2011: Reality hits the fan ...

It's surprised me how many of your staunchest ex-supporters have bailed on you. NY Times, LA Times, even your Home State newspapers. And now this ...

This guy nails just about every point right on the head. Politics has taken over Congress and the Presidency.

Everything you and they do is political posturing for the Mass Media or for your own re-election.

A friend of mine put it this way: The global giant companies own and operate virtually every government on earth. They've bought you and our Congress. The citizens of just about all countries are powerless to affect a "regime change" for our own good because none of you listen to us. You listen to polls with leading or misleading questions, listen to your lobbyists, listen to the money from the special interest groups and PACs that fund you. But not to us.

One of the ironic suggestions is that we all get together and "vote the rascals out."

Nonsense! That will never happen. While most voters hold the Presidency AND Congress in extremely low esteem, something over 95% of Congress gets re-elected, election after election after election. The only way to break that cycle would be a Constitutional Amendment to force term limits on all Congress.

The irony is that to do that, the laws would have to be written by Congress... or in other words, they'd have to vote themselves out of office. Virtually nobody ever does that in real life.

The Car guy in the video tells it like it is, but he's not preaching to the choir, he's preaching to the guilty. And unless we elected a few hundred more like him, say 400 or so, nothing is going to change.

Me? I've given up. I've retired and taken my mind with me, just like John Galt. The DVD of the first third of Atlas Shrugged -- The Movie is orderable now, and I'd love for you to watch it. Part Two is scheduled for release in mid-April of 2012.

But you won't and neither will anyone else in Congress, except maybe for Rand and his son and a paltry few others.


And one other thing... I will not vote for you until you eliminate the phrase "Fair Share" from your vocabulary and from your writers' playbook... unless, for the first time ever, you define in explicit terms and numbers, what "Fair Share" means to you.

Anything less is intellectual weakness of the highest order... either that or "politics as usual."

First rev: 09.20.2011