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From Prevel Consulting's
Time Compression Strategies, Inc....

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." -- Mark Twain

"Change is not mandatory. Neither is survival." W. Edwards Deming


[links are to .pdf files, ranging in size from about 1.0 to 4.4 MB and include great commentary on current economic conditions.]
Also available from his site at this link.


March, 2014 ... Love the Einstein quote!
The more science that stacks up against the climate alarmists, the louder they shout that "the science is settled. The consensus is 97%."
Both are ludicrously false as we pointed out last month.
But the tone seems to parallel a 1938 political party push against Einstein with publication of "100 Authors Against Einstein."
To which Einstein replied: "Were I wrong, a single professor would have been quite sufficient."
January, 2014 ... Love the Minimum Wage and MMGW links....
December, 2013 ... Start on page 4....
November, 2013 ... Note the first chart in Random Thoughts....
September, 2013 ... Random Thoughts, Stray Data and Rants: See pp 4-14!
August, 2013 ... Love the Rants and Observations; Wonderful, as usual!
July, 2013 ... Love the Rants and Observations; Wonderful, as usual!
June, 2013 ... pp 4-10 for comments. Wonderful, as usual!
May, 2013 ... pp 4-13: New Global UNwarming and gun control comments and more!
February, 2013 ... Scroll down to around Page 4 and Enjoy!
January, 2013 -4 ... Now to debunk some beliefs about Offshoring and Manufacturing... "Future of Manufacturing in North America ... Myths & Metrics of the New Economy"
January, 2013 -3 ... And another treat(-ise) about Gun Control and misleading data...!
January, 2013 -2 ... An extra treat about "Renewable Energy"!
January, 2013 -1 ... Page 4 through page 12 or so. Enjoy!

December, 2012 ... The Random Thoughts Section is priceless in the face of current events, from the Fiscal Cliff to Gun Control ! Starts on the 4th page.
November, 2012 ... Hell, just read pages 4-6 !
October, 2012 ... Hell, just read the comments!
September, 2012 ... More Excellent "Random Thoughts" and comments!
August, 2012 ... See "Random Thoughts"
July, 2012 ... Read, if nothing else, pages 4-10."
June, 2012 ... (Sorry for the delay in posting...)
May, 2012 ... See "Random Thoughts"
April, 2012 ... oops... missed the upload! Sorry!
March, 2012 ... Again, excellent "Random Thoughts" section!

December, 2011 ... See graph on Page 5
November, 2011 ... encore Please, if nothing else, just read the "Random Thoughts" section!

And don't miss this TED video link, too.

October, 2011 ... encore... Ditto... Again...
September, 2011 ... encore... Just read the first ten pages!
August, 2011 ... EVEN MORE Great comments: Just read the first eight pages!
July, 2011 ... MORE Great comments on politics, economics, religion-in-economics, global warming, alternate energy sources and their economics...
Even if you don't read the whole thing, the first 9-10 pages are priceless!
June, 2011 ... Great comments on politics, economics, religion-in-economics... Even if you don't read the whole thing, the first 9-10 pages are priceless!
[Note: June Durable Goods Report. Page 2. First line "New Orders -- Durable" was 194,400.
Should be 190,250. The number as published was shipments.]
May, 2011 ... Includes a great summary of what really affects energy and gasoline prices, contrary to popular beliefs...
April, 2011 ... And enjoy this link, too, on "Green Energy"...
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