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11.14.2012: What you and Romney don't understand ...

From a friend's email today... Thank you, David... Well-said!

"...For the life of me, I cannot fathom why so many people approve of Michelle Obama, much less like her.

The woman is outright anti-American except for where it personally benefits her. She certainly is enjoying her current life and shows no indication of recognizing or caring that most of the country is unable to live as high on the hog as she does. She's milking her inherited position for all it's worth and getting as much out of it as she can while she can.

And, I discount her "war on childhood obesity" as being little more than grand-standing, publicity seeking and exercising the ability throw her weight around. (Yeah, I know there's a pun or two embedded therein). Haven't heard much about that recently. And, liking or disliking the candidate's spouse is a pretty poor reason for voting for or against someone.

Obama may be PERCEIVED as being stronger on education, but it's little more than that. What WRT education has he really done, other than issuing waivers to allow states to opt out of NCLB?

An old argument of mine, but I'll raise it again.... NCLB may not have been perfect, but it was a tangible attempt to address the education issues in this country. (I'll only briefly point out that many of the issues of declining education standards are directly attributable to Democratic and union-led policies. You may differ, but I think that by now there's enough compelling evidence to support my position.)

Sure he eliminated the NCLB requirements - by fiat, since he couldn't get the law changed by a Congress which had both houses controlled by Democrats - but, where is his alternative? Haven't heard much about that, even though he had all sorts of words to that effect when he was issuing waivers. But, I'll bet the teachers' unions loved it.

More controlled and less knee-jerk? How would you know?

He's done a whole lot of nothing for 4 years other than campaign, vacation and play golf. I'm sorry, but doing nothing is not really an acceptable response to having embassies/consulates attacked and American diplomats & staff killed. And, he did less than nothing. He excused it and tried to explain it away by blaming America, even though he knew THAT was a lie. (I don't find anything CAPABLE in that.)

In four years, he has assembled quite the resume of lots of words - most of them self-serving and self-aggrandizing - and very few actions, especially in matters than count. Stronger on foreign policy? Where? He crows about ending the war in Iraq, yet mostly what he's done has been to re-categorize American in-country personnel from combatant to "administrative". He talks about how he's going to emote with our enemies and they'll magically like us. Really? Which ones? And, at what price?

Will it really be better for America in anyone's eyes except his? (I still can't wait to see how, now that he has so much more flexibility, our relations w/Russia not only improve but do so in a way that is good for America).

I am absolutely astounded that so many people buy into his shtick.

I am stunned that so many people believe he's the greatest thing since canned beer and sliced bread. He's a self-promoting stuffed shirt who, for all his supposed prowess at silver-tongued oratory, can't put together a sincere, honest compelling argument on anything without a teleprompter and significant rehearsing.

And he's done virtually nothing. Even Obamacare was written for him and passed by sycophantic, bobble-headed, party-hack morons who didn't have, nor would make the time to read it.

And, yeah, I know he won the Nobel prize, but again, for what ACCOMPLISHMENT?

And, he is continually given a pass. (BTW - when was the last time he held a real, honest, open press conference? You know, one where the questions weren't vetted and approved ahead of time.)

As far as my views on why Romney lost/what needs to be done...

And, ultimately, I do not believe that the Republicans need to substantially alter their positions. Like Ken, I do not really want to see a Left and a Right Democratic party. But, recently (the last 10-15 years) the Republicans have done a really awful job in the areas of messaging, public relations and advertising. And, they spend way to much time trying to appeal to and give way too much power to the ultra-conservative right. In the end, that forces the large majority of people who are somewhere in the middle of having to decide who scares them less. Because of this, I think that where significant change is needed is in the Republican party leadership, which is currently simply not up to the task.

In short, get the hell out of the bedroom, let people make their own choices (as long as they're willing to pay for them), tell the hard core right to shut-up (they're not helping the cause) and be very clear about what the Republican position is - and equally what it is not.

If the hard core right wants to defect, that's OK w/me. The downside is less significant that the upside.

And, the Republicans need to accept the fact that the MSM is not your ally, will not cut you a break, will not report the facts fairly and even-handedly and will not give you an unbiased platform to get your message out and recognize that you'll have to do that yourselves, even if it is tedious, arduous and costly.

If you have a compelling message and that's what you need to do, so be it.

Whether people like it or not, part of that message has to be that while there are lots of wonderful, humanitarian, feel-good, Kumbaya kinds of ideas and programs out there, we simply can not afford them.

We as a country are in debt up to our eyes and the solution will not be something that anyone completely likes. It's not going to be easy or pretty, but it is the truth. Again, so be it. But, the one thing that will resonate with most people (probably enough to get you elected) is that we have got to start running the country more like responsible people tend to handle their own finances. That is something people can understand."